Monday, May 3, 2010

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate

Have you spent countless hours trying to put together an Amazon affiliate website only to have your hopes dashed to pieces?

Do you feel that if you could just overcome a few of the technical challenges to building a website you could be a successful Amazon affiliate? Do you dream of making money just like the others who have been successful Amazon affiliates for years and broken away from the day-to-day grind.

If you share these dreams then you are in the same boat I am; or, rather, was.

I've spent the same hours you have working on websites. I've put them together from scratch using. I've put them together using pre-built tools. I've been just like you: overwhelmed by so many buzzwords (HTML, PHP, etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah!) that I can't think! I end up throwing it all away and having nothing but hopeless frustration to console the loss of my dream. I wouldn't consider myself "ignorant" when it comes to building a website, and yet, it seems I don't possess the right stuff to put together an Amazon affiliate website. I'm a working man! I don't have hours to waste on something I'm not sure is going to work...let alone wasting them on technical details that do nothing but make my brain hurt! Based on the fact that you're reading this post, I'd say you've had the same traumatic experience--probably time and time again!

You and I have tried a few different products out there on the web; some are better than others. But our complaint hasn't been the products, rather it's been the support! We feel there isn't a real person on the other end, let alone someone who also shares the dream of being an Amazon affiliate. Instead, there is a small group of smart people who are making megabucks off those of us who are dumb enough to try and use their product. It's ridiculous and angering. They've escaped from the work-a-day world by making it rich off our hard earned money only to laugh in our faces by not responding to simple inquiries asking for help. Asking they make the product do this or that. Asking that they actually try and use the piece of junk they sold us!

What's that you say? You say that you've had to learn how to program in order to use the product! Well guess what, I've had to do the same thing! There's nothing more frustrating and discouraging then pulling out your credit card and buying something to free you from programming only to learn that it's defective! We feel insulted, we're hurt, we might return it, we might not. More than likely you're like me and don't return it, instead you try to make it work. Because you want it to work so badly you can taste it!

You're tired of posting to forums to and never getting an answer aren't you...aren't you? So am I. So are most would-be Amazon affiliates. I've seen posts that haven't been answered for years. I usually don't post since I realize I'm on my own. My imagination runs wild if only I could get a little help, a little sympathy from a product owner who cared.

If only we could work with someone who cared about us...people like you who want to be an Amazon affiliate. Imagine, breaking free from the office or lecture hall--using your smarts to earn the cash you know is possible. Maybe it's not even a full time income, maybe all you want is a couple grand to afford a new TV or dining room. What could you do with 4k extra in your pocket every year? What would life be like if you saw that 4k turn into 8k turn into...???

You can do this. You know you can! But what we need to help us is a product that is simple and supported. Supported by someone who thinks like us...who thinks like you. Someone who shares the same dream of being an mega-rich Amazon affiliate.

Maybe you're not as ambitious as me. Maybe you don't want a couple grand; but, what could you do with a couple hundred? I mean, who couldn't use a little extra money around the holidays when things get tight? Being an Amazon affiliate promises anything from a little extra spending cash to great's all up to you. If you have some help.

The reason I'm posting this is because I've found the help I needed. This help is here for you as well! It's a simple product called ProNicheStore. Catchy name, isn't it? ProNicheStore (or "PNS" for short) is here to fill the gap you've felt in the past. It's here to help you become the Amazon affiliate you've always dreamed of being. Here's how it has helped me.

  • It's simple: just upload the files to your web server and you're ready to go. No messy configuration files to edit.
  • It just works! The first time through I had success!
  • There are real people reading the support forums! These guys are good and they work fast. What's even better, they know what you're talking about because they're Amazon affiliates just like you and me!
  • It supports more than just Amazon affiliates. This means that once you have a good Amazon store up you can expand your marketing to expand you income! Your website could become a veritable cash cow!
These guys have YouTube videos, walk-throughs,'s crazy! What could you do with this type of support? What could you do with a website that really let's you be an Amazon affiliate? I know what I've done, I'm a much happier man for it!

I'm telling you, you need to check out this product. As an Amazon affiliate you'll be doing yourself a favor. You deserve this easy-to-use, well documented, expertly support software. This stuff is great and it's cheap when you look at the fact that you're getting free support through the that's real! IT organizations spend 10's of thousands of dollars on support for software like this every year--you get that for free! Build an Amazon affiliate kingdom like me...visit today!

Amazon affiliate

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